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Papel Texano: A carport workshop fixin' to become a cottage industry™, in Austin, Texas
I am still redoing the website. The following are pages that I feel happy with:
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advanced work, but need much more...
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the rest still under dust, sorry...
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How beautiful to live in a period where every page, even if it has just come from the papermaker’s workshop, is yellowed.Foucault's Pendulum - Umberto Eco

What is this paper?

A guide to recognize handmade from machine, and then some. Improved from my March 9 2017 message to the Yahoo Papermakers List
If you dare :-), quickly soak with water one side of a square piece of paper a bit larger than an inch, then place it water side up on a dry flat surface.
This test can be less destructive if you just spray water on the paper face, but the results could be harder to notice than if you can use a small piece and soak a side nice and quick, maybe with a tweezer.Shine a light from behind the paper.
To see the surface texture, or "tooth", try the light from a side, almost flat, parallel with the paper, “raking light”. As mentioned earlier, if you saw chainline shadows with backlight, you already know with reasonably certainty that you are looking at handmade laid paper.
Now, is the laid structure, wires and chainlines, more noticeable with raking light than when the light was from behind?