Papel Texano: Handmade paper arts collaborative and non-profit workshop studio in Austin, Texas

Members of Papel Texano have access to the tools and resources of our workshop, and more importantly, the benefits of community and collaboration. While members are free to pursue and develop their craft towards art and/or business, there is an expectation that they will also participate with others in promoting handmade paper as an art form and object of workmanship among the general public, and advocate for each other's efforts and production.

Within specific criteria of quality, only members can use the Papel Texano logo, brand and indicia. As the Papel Texano studio gets recognized for its leading role among cultural institutions in Austin and among other papermaking studios worldwide, the Papel Texano stamp marks high quality work from our associated papermakers, both established and new.

Details regarding the format of membership are still being defined, but essentially intend to make it possible for members to make good paper, learn and improve their skills, and be part of a group of like-minded papermakers. Please email Yama if interested


Because of cost and affordability, as of March 2016 all of our main tool machines are converted from other purposes, adapted, or built from scratch, several with quite innovative features