Some projects. Click on the picture for a larger image

making paper by hand, a creative
craft for fun or profit!

My first lamp. Full page watermark with the Seal of the Republic of Texas, rustic wood frame.

An IoT lamp, the light level and color can be controlled from a cell phone. Icosahedron design, each
side has a different Celtic cross watermark

An original 1493 print of the Nuremberg Chronicles, open to show the 5th and 6th day of Creation. (Ramsom Center)

My version of the above, printed using a top-press (a.k.a. Gutenberg Press) in 2016 on my own handmade paper

Abaca paper, embossed. Made for centerpiece lamps for the awards ceremony for SXSW Interactive 2016

My very first press print in 30 years, a version of Flammarion's 1888 "Pilgrim Engraving"
the text underneath says:
"A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch..."

The printing block used for the above print

backlight view of a 2016 version of what is called "medieval-laid paper", with the characteristic
irregular wire and "chain-lines", and the accompanying "shadows"

An example of "white-on-white" dimensional art. Cast paper, inspired by Durer's 1515 "Rhinocervs"

mockup test of a quire for The Book Of Trades, an illustrated encyclopedia of professions and trades.
The original was printed in 1568. Here is a 2016 inkjet print on my "mediaeval-laid" paper

The Ploskonkas 2016 Christmas card. The original art is from Mikolas Ales, 1904
Block print, using a flat-bed press (a.k.a. Rembrandt press), 8.5 inches wide

My first large "pulp art" piece, meant to represent the hills near Santa Fe. Made in October 2016

A friend with her Christmas 2016 pulp art piece

a 5-year-old making a professional-level sheet of classic paper
during West Austin Studio Tour, May 2016