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Papel Texano: A carport workshop fixin' to become a cottage industry™, in Austin, Texas
Quilted Northern Rustic Weave | Artisanal Toilet Paper

Authentic. Bespoke.
For a more memorable bathroom experience.

Dr. Martin Hubbe page
Marty's industrial papermaking jokes
More than 10 signs that you might be a real papermaker

Inside the Official Mug for Sunday Special Coffee, that I made for my Deb in 2017, a Bear Attempts to Make Paper (and maybe just ends up munching on the mould, not clear what happened there)
Old paper makers never die; they just get beat to a pulp.Gail Murray, Paw Print Press Santa Fe, NM
1.- you shave your forearms. Or, you don't shave your forearms, but you have already seriously thought about it at least once, and wonder if others do, because you know that, at some level, maybe life would be easier if you did it.
1b.- paper fluff just follows you everywhere
2.- accumulating all kinds of paper might indicate a papermaker in the larval stage, as that behavior often will continue in the adult form of the species.
3.- your water bill is delivered with a forklift (this one was shared by an attendee to Santa Fe FoDH '16)
4.- the feel of the printed paper can make a lot of the pleasure -or not- you get from reading a book (also Santa Fe FoDH '16)
4b.- as you pull a novel from a library shelf you first feel the paper, before deciding to read it or not (in the original list in the Yahoo Papermaking group, Jun 16 2016)
5.- you have a "thing" about business cards. Just "sensitive", nothing serious. And you never seem to have any of your own (and one more from 16'. First presenter was late, so I jumped on the stage to tell jokes to entertain the audience :-) )
5b.- you seldom have business cards, but when you do, they're awesome (original list also)
6.- you know why cats and felts don't mix
7.- at some moment you started collecting electric blenders. They might come handy for some workshop, and they burn so easily! better have several, or so you thought
8.- (real, this one) you are in the Map (and you know which map I'm talking about)
9.- (no kiddin') maybe you're in IAPMA or FoDH, maybe you're not, but you are part of the Swatch Swap
10.- you're a bit obsessive about removing the plastic windows from envelopes that are going to the recycling bin
11.- all your friends know that old t-shirts are not to be thrown in the trash - you love your friends (11 to 15 were in that email list posting also)
12.- an enhanced sensibility for rainy weather patterns (as they affect drying...)
13.- a while after you moved in, the neighbors started wanting back that family with the teen garage band (a dear friend looking at my carport work area gave me this)
14.- people actually want to receive a Christmas card from you - even your non-Christian friends
15.- you're obviously having so much fun, that your friends wonder if you have a new medication
... (please contribute more!)
Dead Rabbit Comics
Not quite "humor", but non-realism, drawn. I like

There was a webcomic with a wizard, somewhere
Making and printing a newspaper, after cooking his stuff in the proverbial cauldron, using it as a vat.
But I can't find it
It was before May 2016, perhaps LFG?
Watermarks matter

the tasteful thickness of it,
it even has a watermark!