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Papel Texano: A carport workshop fixin' to become a cottage industry™, in Austin, Texas

Handmade paper samples from northern Italy, early 1600s, and Austin, Texas, 2017. Which is which?

Papel Texano at the 2018 Austin Book, Paper & Photo Show

Update:I have complimentary passes available, contact me through Facebook, or email me (email at bottom of page).
Rough woolen felts used for couching and pressing handmade paper in ancient times left random, curly grooves all over. A surface that was a pain for printers, even more so for writers using a quill (glaze it with a stone to smooth it out, or cry), but totally the cat's meow, just the thing for chalk and charcoal artists - those red-chalk studies we have all seen from the "Old Masters" on yellowed paper, now you know why they feel so right, the surface and the medium were perfect for each other.
The 2018 Austin Book, Paper & Photo Show this weekend (Saturday January 20 and Sunday the 21st) will see the first release of my 'Cinque Tooth paper, a modern "reconstruction" of the surface of handmade paper of the Italian Renaissance.
Pastels were actually invented at that time, to take full advantage of this ideal kind of support.
As the machines took over, paper became "too good". Those gouges disappeared, and were soon forgotten. If you wanted anything like that you either used coarse sandpaper, or went "liberate" the end papers from some ancient book collection.
Lost for a couple hundred years, that kind of "tooth" is back!
Using 2018 tools and techniques, Papel Texano's handmade paper has it. By the way, of course archival buffered.
This is my first year at this event as an exhibitor. the last time that I visited, they had piles and piles of collectible, antique books, maps, prints, photos, ephemera, but despite the name, no exhibitors of paper, so mine will be an important addition this year, or so I hope!
I'll also have engravings, champ-levés, and of course my celebrated bluebonnet cards.

facsimile reprints of the "Nuremberg Chronicles", from 1493.
The Event
Organized by the Texas Booksellers Association, the 2018 Austin Book, Paper & Photo Show will be on January 20 and 21, 2018 at the Frank Fickett Scouting Center, 12500 N I-35 (at Parmer).
A new venue, newer and nicer inside and out than previous venues, plus we return to the full-weekend time format with show days Saturday 10.00 to 5.00 and Sunday 10.00 to 4.00.
see map below
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Our Trees And How To Know Them, a 1926 first edition, from First Folio
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About 'Cinque Tooth™ Paper
This paper is really something, and I love sharing about its whys and wherefores
A lot (maybe too much) of the kind of information that those who know good paper would find interesting: