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Papel Texano: A carport workshop fixin' to become a cottage industry™, in Austin, Texas

painless printing for miniature books
con subtítulos en español

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Globus Mundi
A 1509 small book that discussed Martin Waldseemüller's Earth Globe, the shape of the Earth "hanging in vacuum held by the will of God", and uses the name "America" for the newly found continent. Here in very small :-).
32 pages to be bound in quarto, 35x40 mm, includes flyleafs.
double-side file, ready to print
recto, ready to print
verso, ready to print
image files (for creating impositions)
imposition setup master
See the original document at
Legalese: The images are public domain, the other files above are CC-by-sa 4.0, free to use and copy, even for commercial purposes, just do me a favor and send people my way. Thanks.

Printer Settings, known issues


settings in my printer
It all depends™, some printers automatically try to resize your print on their own. Such behavior must be stopped.
If your prints don't match sideways front and back, look for some setting that says "preserve dimensions". For my laser printer it's under the "advanced" tab.
In my experience, printing separate files achieves a more exact match, printing double side often tends to let the paper "wobble" inside the printer, especially with thin paper.
Spanish / Español
Si al imprimir las dos caras no corresponden lado a lado, busque algún ajuste en el menú de imprimir que diga "preserve dimensions", en mi caso hay uno en la oreja "advanced". El video tiene subtitulos en español, pulse el botón marcado [CC] en la pantalla youtube

Miniature Book Imposition Tool

Not yet "open to the public", but soon!
Generates a master file according to your specifications, and emails it to you. I log uses of the tool, but do not collect cookies. I do not sell, trade, or otherwise share names or email addresses. I will email you later to ask about your experience and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me.

Basic operation
Printed page size Letter A4
Miniature dimensions
final width of your miniature page, mm:
final height of your miniature page, mm:
Signature./booklet format
Quarto x 4
Octavo x 2
Sextodecimo x 1

Imposition automatically generated by the tool
ID information
Your name, or nickname:
Your email address:
last 4 digits of your phone number, or random 4 digits:

Advanced options
Image filename Root:
Image footer
Show image filenames
Show signature page numbers
First image number in first signature
Last image number in last signature
Image allocation
Image on every page
Only on right-side pages
File type
Perforations for sewing:

The creasing&cutting&folding Yamatool
Very advanced options
Generally do not modify, these are presets in the folding tool

Top margin
Margin for cutting
Margin for folding
set margin for folding to zero for untrimmed books, only available in quarto or octavo
set a largerminiature page width to create a wider gutter (inside margin, fold between pages)
not implemented yet:
Page export options
single file, multiple layers
one file per each layer
separate file each 8 layers
Paper thickness (wider gutter for outer page pairs in a signature, narrower for inner ones)
Printed page width, mm:
Printed page height, mm:
Trailing zeroesdefault is 3, as in "004"
Duodecimo format.
Intelligent automatic flyleafs, if pages are available in signatures. Force flyleafs.