Papel Texano: Handmade paper arts collaborative and non-profit workshop studio in Austin, Texas

Papel Texano shares the joy of hand papermaking and related crafts through artistic creation, workshops and classes, enabling all to make quality paper by hand

Through collaboration and shared resources, since 2016 Papel Texano develops and facilitates access to tools and know-how for exploring the making of paper as an art form and as a sustainable source of income. Encouraging learning, innovation and creativity, the output of Papel Texano is cultural, artistic and educational. As a tangible result, paper of quality becomes a support of choice to other artists for their own art, prized works of art on their own right, or beautiful stationery or decorative items.

As of May 2016 Papel Texano is continuing the process of incorporation as a 501.c.3 non-profit cultural and artistic community organization.